A Tribute To Helping Those Who Help Others


The Nonprofit Trinity Awards recognizes and honor small nonprofit organizations as well as outstanding individual volunteers who have preformed extraordinary acts of courage, dedication and service within their local communities.


Welcome to The Nonprofit Trinity Awards, Inc.

The Nonprofit Trinity Awards, Inc. is a nonprofit organization that recognizes and honors small nonprofit organizations and local neighborhood individual volunteers for the exceptional contributions that they have made within their local community. The Nonprofit Trinity Awards, Inc. will host an annual Awards Ceremony Program that features musical performances by local nonprofit artists and the presentation of trophies and certificates to community recipients.

Across the world there is a lot of suffering, poverty, illiteracy, sickness, elderly, at-risk youth etc. Federal and local governments do what they can to help, but may not be able to always reach the poor and the needy; so this is where nonprofit, charitable organizations become so important to society.

Especially the small nonprofit organizations and those individuals who have a tiny budget, very little resources, and who depend highly on their volunteers.  They provide charitable services and generate funds through philanthropy events.  They devote their passion, time, effort, skills and their own resources to unconditionally help, heal and to give hope to people in need. They work wholeheartedly within their communities not expecting anything in return.  This is why The Nonprofit Trinity Awards, Inc wants to pay “A Tribute To Helping Those Who Help Others.”  A trophy and a certificate may not be much, but it is the act of taking time out to “Recognize” and “Appreciate” the men and women who dedicate their lives serving others in need. 

The Mission


The Nonprofit Trinity Awards, Inc. mission is to support, acknowledge and honor individuals and small nonprofit organizations for their resilient work, passionate commitment and outstanding service within their respective communities.

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The Vision

The vision of The Nonprofit Trinity Awards, Inc. is to encourage small nonprofit organization and local volunteers within the community, within the state, in the nation and across the world.

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The Purpose


The Nonprofit Trinity Awards, Inc. is organized exclusively for charitable purposes, including, for such purposes, the making of distributions to organizations that qualify as exempt organizations under section 501 (c) (3) or the Internal Revenue Code, or the corresponding section of  any future federal tax code.

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The Need

Nonprofit organizations are critical to the health of our communities, our people and our state and our nation…even around the world. Nonprofit organizations are a crucial part of our society, providing help to the needy, education for a lifetime, funds for good causes and inspiration for many. Their services are being called on even more now due to these challenging financial times.


 Who We Serve

The Nonprofit Trinity Awards, Inc. serves small nonprofit organizations, including their board members and their volunteers as well as other individuals in the community who has devoted their time to help others in need:


Where To Find Us